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Before I deleted everything from my blog and started again, I would only talk about fashion, fashion news, and magazine covers, that was what my blog would sum up to, but lately i've been feeling that, this is a personal blog, so I can write about what i like, specially if that's music and movies, besides fashion, and I took the freedom to talk about this new album which has capture my head.

Revival, by Selena Gomez.

A few days ago I was talking with a cute guy about how people like someone's work better when they tell something, and that has been bouncing around in my head since we talked, last week I decided I would get the full album on Spotify, since i've been a fan of Gomez since Wizards Of Waverly Place, and some tunes of her previous records were actually super catchy and fun to sing in Karaoke nights, i decided to listen to it ( Besides i've been super drawn to it for songs like Good for you and Same old love)

I started with the ones i heard previously, like Good For you, Me & my Girls and Same Old Love, those are cool, for a night out, or just to listen in your car, even while taking a shower, because yes, i listen to music while i'm taking showers.

Then i move on to other songs like Me & the Rhythm and Hands To Myself, those two are particularly cool and definitely on the top of my list, those are songs you can sing to or just listening while driving with the windows rolled down, the first one in particular. #fave

Other songs with lower tempo and harder feeling like Camouflage, Nobody and Perfect are great too, they are feeling-ish but not depressed, which I like them even better for that.

Overall this record is way better than others in the past, and I believe is just because as my cute friend said, she actually has something important to say in a more personal approach, it's definitely a more grown up cd, and not so much of a teen singing about how she loves her crush like a love song.       << which i blast in karaoke parties as well>>

I really enjoyed listening to this and i hope her future work will get even closer to her real real adult self, Go Selena !

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