I’m the kind of person who is always (seriously always) listening to the same music, because it’s hard for me to find music I like, I have to identify somehow with the lyrics, the melody and  the voice in it must be soothing, I know I ask for too much.
As a reference my current favorites  are Lana Del Rey,  Troye Sivan, The XX, Girls and  so many more, but recently my spotify account only shuffle around those. A few weeks ago thanks to a new bar and a guy I met there who I had a conversation with about his artwork showed me a stencil image he made about an artist I only heard once before, her name stuck in my mind and I decided to re-listen after a night of drinks. The name is KALI UCHIS, and she is my  newest obsession !! 

Kali Uchis is a born-Colombian raised in Virginia USA who happen to make music with a very new almost unexplainable sound. It was all I was looking for without me knowing I needed it. Sometimes I get a little down while listening to Lana or Troye, but Kali brings this “ I’m a bad bitch, but I have a heart” vibe to me. With a 70’s sound with new pop references and a voice <> I don’t like comparisons but it’s seriously a lot like Amy Whinehouse’s without trying to sound like her, since the musical style is very different. It's INCREDIBLY GOOD.

And her style Oh my god her STYLE! Seriously, pink hair, blonde hair, chola, classy 50's baby, She has it all.

Her career is basically starting, but has made demos over the past few years and on early 2015 released her most recent work: an EP named “POR VIDA” with Soul and Indie Pop vibes, you seriously CAN'T miss it… OH AND IT’S FREE.

Visit Her website so you can get it for free at

RECOMENDATIONS: Start up with Know what I want and Rush.

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