Naomi is a girl I got to know a little longer than a year thanks to college, and ever since I met her  I've always been somewhat fascinated about the way she carries herself, it's not all fashion, it's not all beauty, but it's the whole package she has that makes her whole style works.

She is around 5'2, she's very petite, she rarely wears make up, she always has bed hair, and she always looks amazing !

Today she got to class and sat next to me, talked about how her weekend went and saw her outfit, always effortless, always perfect, I hate her so much for the fact that she has a pair of dirty-white adidas and she still looks amazing and perfectly on-sync with herself, I'm starting to hate her even more.

I really really really hope she is one of those people who takes them HOURS to get ready in the morning and end up looking effortless after a lot of effort, because if she just gets up and grabs the first leather jacket and tight dress she finds and kick some white adidas on the mix (all in five minutes) IT'S JUST NOT FAIR !

ps. I don't hate you Naomi, I just hate your effortless look that you rock so easily.

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