it took me months to finally try out the so-miraculously-amazing Glossier masks , before that i basically read every single review i could possibly find online, on youtube videos, instagram, twitter and even snapchat, i was basically stalking a pair of pots with amazing ingredients you put on your face, and let them sit for a while until you have to remove them and see the results, i was basically stalking that.

Once I opened my cute cute pink cute cute ziplock-like pouch (which you can get here) I saw my pair of pots with awesome ingredients waiting for me, my face was ready to be used. 


As a fan who stalked most of the beauty guru’s before using this, and following the glossier IRL’s steps I used the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack first, and right out the badge i gotta say that this mask comes with this scent, it’s strange because i think the scent it’s not good, but I LOVE IT, i’m not sure if everyone loves it as well, but i did, it smells like a clean natural pot. (hehe).

The sensation of it is as any other clay mask that comes on creamy and starts drying on and then  you know it’s time to remove it, once removed the sensation is weird, it feels lighter and cleaner, i just feel like I opened my skin, remove dirt from inside, and now it’s cleansed from the inside.


 The moon mask i was most excited about because i have very very dry skin but only in patches, so I was ready to try it on, once my face was completely cleansed from the Mega Greens it was time to use step two, so i just slather it on my face, smell is awesome, and the sensation in sensational, i loved it, it feels creamy and rich, and like it’s actually doing something for your skin, 

Somewhere over the 20 minutes i left it on my skin for i started to feel itchy around my nose, so i lightly scratched it and it went away, when rinsing you’ll feel your skin so nice and rich and clean, it feels like a light facial at home in 40 minutes only.


I really really enjoyed using both of the masks, they both have a purpose and they both feel amazing on the skin, one thing i love is that you don’t need to use them together, i would use the mega greens when I want to have that lightweight feeling on my face, probably after a day out in the city where my pores could be clogged or if you went to sleep with your make up on, like a restart for your skin, and the Moon Mask i would use more frequently, probably every weekend so i can start monday with a moisturized skin, ready to put all my faves on it.

and if i’m feeling extra fancy, using both for that spa like sensation on my face.

thanks to glossier’s PR team, for being extremely nice, super sweet and kind enough to send this my way, so thank you glossier and thank you Brittany :).   

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