After a still-not-finished challenging six month battle with isotretinoin or most commonly known as “accutane” i’ve been very happy with the results, since my skin went from a 100 to a 7, only having that occasional pimple to show up after a binge pizza eating or just when your skin is not having it (mid terms/finals). 

Now that my skin is better than it was only a few months ago and since i don’t have to worry about the inflamed bumps in my face now I have other things to concern about. Accutane can be a miracle worker when it comes to acne, however it leaves a track, sometimes acne scars and sometimes large pores, sadly i have both.

My acne scars are not very red nor very deep, besides my treatment is not over, since i still have some work to do to it when I go back to my dermatologist in Mexico, but for now I have large pores to worry about, and I’ve found a way to make them dissapear.

Wether if you were on accurate or your skin type (usually oily) has a tendency to show large pores,  here is a way you can definitely work it out, if you feel very self conscious about it.

#1 WONDER PORE: Deep Foaming Cleanser -etude house-

This cleanser helps a lot for cleaning and tightening pores, makes skin feel soft and clean, and you will note difference after only one use, the bad side is that this is more oriented towards people with oily skin, since after only one use it managed to make my skin feel quite dry, however friends of mine with oily skin have tried it and feel great with it. 12,000W

#2 PORE MASTER: Sebum Control Primer -aritaum- 9,000W

This primer it’s not only very popular here in Korea, but it has been very popular in the US as well since people call it a dupe for the POREFESSIONAL by Benefit. It looks, feels and smells quite the same, so I would call it a dupe, pretty good product and makes your skin look blurred and filled in those annoying lines. Pretty good product.

#3 ZERO SEBUM -etude house- 5,000W

This powder would be to go all the way in, into perfected pore-less face, it’s lightweight, translucent, and blends well in the skin, perfect for baking and completing the pore-less skin look. You can use alone or after foundation and still getting a very matte yet natural finish. Plus if used over foundation will extent the longevity of it.

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